Lighting Legend –

Peter Ngai


Known as a pioneer in lighting technology and luminaire design, Peter Ngai dedicates his life to understanding quality of light. Throughout his time with Peerless® Lighting, Peter conceptualized the tools that lighting designers use to deliver quality glare-free illumination to enhance comfort, productivity and well-being of people in a space.


While Peter Ngai has been fundamental to the lighting industry, he has also been focused on giving back to the community. To honor him and his recent retirement, you can help give back too. Through your contributions and support, you can grow the next generation of lighting designers.

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The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Education Trust provides support to educators and students studying architectural lighting design. Peerless® Lighting stands behind the initiative to help invest in the future of Lighting and has made a donation to honor Peter.


“Lighting fuses design, function and emotion. They are inseparable. Light is magic, and the lighting designer is the magician.” – Peter Ngai