Since 1892, Peerless has been at the forefront of indoor lighting innovation. Founded by Chicago's inventive immigrant brothers, we've evolved into a leader, offering a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality solutions for any interior space. We go beyond mere illumination, focusing on "lighting for people," crafting environments that enhance well-being, productivity, and comfort. Our dedication to creating human-centric lighting ensures that every luminaire meets high standards for places where people gather, collaborate, and create. Explore Peerless and discover how we can illuminate your indoor world.

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Our diverse portfolio fulfills all modern lighting promises for any environment, inside or out.

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Acuity Brands leads in developing and delivering innovative, impactful Humanistic lighting solutions.

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Acuity Academy provides diverse online education options, from instructor-led sessions to live webinars and eLearning courses.

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Explore available positions at Acuity Brands for exciting career opportunities.