At Peerless, Less is More … Sustainable

At Peerless®, we believe less is more. As an advocate for environmental conservation within the lighting industry, we strive to create products that use less energy, waste less material and leave a smaller ecological footprint.

As a part of Acuity Brands, which is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we have a history of designing not only innovative products, but sustainable products as well. When lighting a space using Peerless performance-based suspended fixtures, the requirements of the IES recommended practice for open office lighting (RP-1) can be achieved with fewer fixtures than typically needed, saving energy, material and money. We further design for sustainability by striving to use packaging with high levels of post-consumer recycled content and biodegradable luminaire protection bags. Finally, all our fixtures are designed for disassembly, which means all parts can be mechanically detached and recycled or reused.

We continue the Peerless legacy of designing performance-based, beautiful LED luminaires that are energy efficient, packaged using recycled and recyclable materials, and designed for disassembly.

So whether you’re designing to local code, ASHRAE 189.1 or to meet LEED® green building program certification requirements, Peerless can help you achieve your aesthetic and sustainability goals.



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