Peerless® Olessence

Elegance that Performs

Peerless Olessence

Olessence™ continues the legacy of Duet SSL™ Technology in this new slimmer form factor at 4.5” by 0.5”. The OLED source is bright but soft with a diffused even illumination that is comfortable for all ambient applications, while the LED uplight adds a high-lumen performance optically controlled batwing distribution providing uniform general illumination throughout the space. Olessence blends the elegance of OLED with the power of LED.





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Complimentary OLED luminaires are available from Acuity Brands.

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Design Inspiration


Olessence features holistic integration with Duet SSL™ Technology, maximizing the combination of OLED and LED. Explore the benefits of each.

Peerless Olessence OLED lighting is soft and inviting for task lighting in office spaces
Peerless Olessence LED linear lighting is focused and strong