Peerless Venue is Coming Soon!

Specifically crafted for open ceilings, the all-new Peerless Venue family offers both visual comfort and architectural scale for space definition within the increasingly popular deconstructed ceiling. The sail-like curved forms evoke flow, while the graceful clouds provide unmatched aesthetics to complete the design of a space with high-quality, uniform illumination and unrivaled options. Define spaces where people gather, collaborate and thrive with Peerless Venue luminaires.

3 Forms






2 Curvatures



2 Sizes

Shortest Side: 52"

Shortest Side: 40"


Unsurpassed Control

Tunable White, a Mainstream Dynamic feature, can create modes for optimal occupant performance and experience and mimic how daylight changes character over the course of the day.

nLight® networked digital lighting control system uses only standard CAT-5e cable to connect occupancy sensors, wall stations, and digital LED luminaires.

nLight® AIR wireless lighting control system is a simple solution for connecting Acuity Brands® LED fixtures equipped with embedded smart sensors and wireless nLight AIR wall switches.

eldoLED® driver option offers smooth and flicker-free deep-dimming performance.