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Peerless Olessence™ Slim

Holistic Integration

Peerless Olessence™ Slim

The Peerless Olessence™ Slim family takes the powerhouse of LED with performance widespread uplight illumination and celebrates OLED with its inherently soft uniform glow, thin forms, and diffuse illumination. These two distinct light sources elegantly dance together in the lightest and most elegant of timeless appearances. This is the intersection of form, function and emotion.

This complete suite of luminaires offers both visual comfort and luminosity in pleasing thin and clean lines designed to give the appearance of light floating in space.


Available in 3 Forms for ambient and complementary decorative or feature lighting


Olessence Slim Linear


Olessence Slim Single Wall Mount


Olessence Slim Single Pendant Mount

Make a design statement and humanize it with the latest in Peerless OLED featuring OLEDWorks technology.